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Goethe Boutique

Other Resources and Excursions

Goethe Boutique - Other Resources

Other Resources and Excursions

Here you will find more information about:

  • Excursions - in person and virtual
  • Language Trails
  • Food excursions
  • More resources for teachers
  • Links to booksellers and publishers and more

Excursions and Language Trails

Excursions are a great way to build positive relationships with students. It is extra work to organise, but worth the effort.

Excursions and Language Trails in Melbourne

There are companies, businesses and restaurants with German-speaking links, as well as other public destinations.

  • Goethe-Institut - Visit exhibitions or the library in St. Kilda Road Melbourne
  • Autobahn -arrange for this promotional activity to visit your school or network with the Goethe-Institut in Melbourne
  • Millionärskoffer - a smaller promotional kit you can borrow to use during class or a parent evening to promote German

Language Trails Shared by the AGTV

*The Trails were accurate at the time of development.


Food Excursions and more

There are restaurants and clubs related to German-speaking communities, some of which have supported the AGTV and our partners through donations of prizes and use of venues or other support.


Excursions in Regional Victoria and Beyond

Research other potential destinations related to German.


Incursions at Your School


Virtual Excursions



Selected resources in Australia and beyond for borrowing, downloading or purchase.

See also Teaching Resources on this website.


Department of Education and Training

  • FUSE - online sharing of resources and links



The Languages and Multicultural Education Resource Centre (LMERC) is a government funded specialist resource centre for schools currently located in Carlton with free borrowing of materials. It is also a designated Goethe-Institut Resource Centre.

  • LMERC - information, catalogue and location


Goethe-Institut Australia Resource Centres

Teachers can borrow audi- visual, print, games and other resources for free from Goethe-Institut Resource Centres around Australia and especially in Victoria. The AGTV thanks the Goethe-Institut and the schools housing the resource centres for this generous support of German programs.  A larger collection is available for borrowing from the library at the Goethe-Institut in Melbourne, 1st Floor, 448 St. Kilda Road, Melbourne.


Other Goethe-Institut Australia Materials


 Goethe-Institut in Munich


Kultur und Sprache - Austria

Kultur und Sprache is a department of the Austrian Ministry for Bildung und Frauen (BM:BF).


New Zealand and German


Independent Publishers


Language Bookshops in Victoria


DaF Publishers

All with online materials.





Featured Links