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Competitions for Students

Students - News & Competitions

You can find information and links here about opportunities and competitions for students of German


Watch this space!  You have to be in it to win it!


Competition: AGTV Song des Jahres

Elements: Write and record an original song in German AND design a CD cover.

Open to all students learning German from AGTV member schools.

Ask your teacher about how to enter!

Deadline for Entries: 16 Sep 2016

Listen to past entries:


Competition: AGTV Chor des Jahres 2016

Choirs of students from AGTV member schools are invited to enter the Chor des Jahres competition.

Choirs record a performance of a song in German in any style.

Ask your teacher about it.

Deadline for entries: Friday, 14th October

Listen to past winners:


Competition: AGTV Werbespot 2016

A new competition open to secondary students from AGTV schools.

Task: Produce a 10 to 40 second video advertisement . Topic TBC for 2016

Ask your teacher about how to enter!

Deadline for entries: TBC

Watch past winners:


Competition: AGTV Kunst und Poesie 2016

Open to primary students in Years F-6, who are learning German at AGTV member schools. Students produce an artwork and write an Elfchen.

Artist in Focus in 2016:Paul Klee

Ask your teacher about how to enter!

Deadline for entries: Friday 26th August, 2016


Competition: AGTV Victorian Poetry Competition Years 4 to 9

Learn and Recite a Poem in German

Each year regional finals are held in AGTV Networks for students from AGTV member schools to select students to represent the network at the State Final in August.

Students compete in one of two sections: DaF or OPEN. Ask your teacher about it!


Goethe Poetry Competition for Years 10 to 12

The competition will be held at the Monash University in 2016. It alternates with the University of Melbourne

The AGTV  recommends the competition to all students learning German in Years 10 to 12. Details will be advertised when the university pass them on.


Language Perfect World Championships in May

The annual online international competition to test your skills in vocabulary. All participants receive a certificate. Ask your teacher to register your school.

Education Perfect have donated an AGTV World Championship Cup to be awarded to the AGTV member school with the highest number of points for German.

Since 2015, there is also a special competition for students from AGTV member Primary Schools with special prizes.

This competition is hosted by Education Perfect (formerly Language Perfect), a private company based in New Zealand. The AGTV is an official partner of the competition.


Goethe-Institut School Film Festival: Make a Film in German!

Ever thought of winning an Oscar? How about a Karlchen? That is what the awards are called at the National Film Festival.

Start your career in films in your German class an enter the Goethe-Institut School Film Festival. The AGTV sponsors the Victorian prizes.

Students learning German in schools make a film no longer than 4 minutes in the German language in response to the topic. It can be a film, an animation, a documentary, an advertisement etc. Your film might be selected to be screened at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) at Federation at Square in October. If it is, you  will be invited through the school to see it on the big screen as the judging takes place at the Victorian festival.

The winning films in each category will automatically be entered in the National Film Festival the following year.

Deadline for entries: Monday 9th September

The Goethe-Institut School Film Festival was founded in 2002 and the AGTV has provided continuous sponsorship of prizes in Victoria since its foundation.


Tips and Tricks for Movie Making

The Goethe-Institut website has some pointers about making movies and copyright issues related to using music.

Other resources

Free and fee for use music and sounds - please check copyright details!



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