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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the AGTV?

The AGTV is an incorporated professional subject association run by an elected volunteer Committee and endorsed Network Leaders. We do not have an office or phone.

We connect people to build personal collaborative relationships to support the teaching and learning of German.

We do not have an office.

  • Find out more under all sections in About Us

Where do I become a member of the AGTV?

Individual membership of the AGTV provides member access to our professional development services, including Member Networks.

How do I register for AGTV events?

From 2013, registration for most events and services organised by the AGTV is online.

What opportunities are available for students?

The AGTV has a dedicated section for learners of German and has collated information about the opportunities in and beyond school.

Where can I find a German teacher?

If you are at a school looking for a teacher, we are happy to advertise your vacancy through AGTV and national networks.

Where is German taught in Victoria?

If you are a teacher looking for work, we can advertise your availability through our Victorian and Australian networks.

Where do I find a tutor for my child?

The AGTV can make your request known through out electronic networks.

Can I be a teacher assistant in Germany?

If you are a teacher or training teacher under the age of 29 you can find information about this fantastic learning opportunity under:

How do I get my teaching qualifications accredited in Victoria?

To teach in Victorian schools you need to be registered with the VIT.

If you were trained overseas, to gain registration with VIT, you need your qualifications accredited by the VRQA.

Information in the German language about teaching, visas, teacher assistants, visas can be found on the NATG website.

Why does German have so many word for 'the'?

There is no answer. That is just the way it is. Don't fight it - just accept it.