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Focus on Culture

Festivals & Traditions

Focus on Culture - Festivals & Traditions

Feste feiern, wie sie fallen.

German-speakers tend to make distinctions between their working and private lives. However, German-speaking people certainly know how to celebrate with many public festivals, as well as marking significant moments in their private lives. Not all festivals and traditions are common across D-A-CH-L, but they are all fun.


Reflections of Culture

Public festivals and holidays reflect aspects of the diverse cultural heritage of different regions. Aspects of culture are reflected in the rituals and traditions of both public and private life.


Public holidays reflect the values and traditions of the dominant political culture, who had or have the power to declare a public holiday. They vary within regions from country to country over time.

World Religions in Germany

Germany, as is Europe, is characterised by diversity. Find out about five of the religions of the world represented in Germany.


Many public festivals are steeped in tradition, others more recent in response to changing circumstances, and many drawing on the economic benefits related to hosting the festival.


Culture is also reflected in routines, rituals and pastimes.

Culinary Traditions

The traditional eating habits of German-speakers are influenced over time by migration, globablization and more recently - climate change.

Fact or Fiction?

The World of Rituals

Freizeit Parks

Fun parks are major attractions for tourists as well as local German-speaking communities


Football (soccer) is described as the world game and is a major part of the lives of German-speakers in Europe.


German-speaking countries host Grand Prix events for the Formula1 competitions

Freizeit Parks

Theme parks are major attractions for and visitors as well as German-speaking communities

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