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Why German

Advocacy for Languages

Why German - Advocacy for Languages

The AGTV supports the teaching and learning of all languages.

We advocate for the right of all students in Australian schools to learn languages in a well resourced program with a qualified teacher of languages.

We welcome the commitments shown by governments to the teaching, learning, reclamation and revitalisation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages and cultures.

Skills in languages will determine the life chances of  students at home and abroad.


Intercultural Language Skills for Global Understanding

Scientist are learning about the brain and how we think differently in different languages.

Stanford University have collected new research data from the diverse language groups of China, Greece, Chile, Indonesia, Russia, and Aboriginal Australia and what they have learned is that people who speak different languages do indeed think differently and that even variations in grammar can profoundly affect how we see the world.

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI)

In the ACC  ‘Skills for a Nation: A Blueprint for Improving Education and Training  2007-2017’, it states that  "to effectively participate in a globalised world there should be the compulsory learning of a  foreign language from 7 years or earlier".

Languages in Victoria

Victoria is culturally and linguistically diverse. 23.8% of Victoria's population were born overseas. 43.69% have a parent who was born overseas. Victorians come from more than 200 countries, speak more than 230 languages and dialects.

Language Association Commitments

The AGTV endorses the statement about languages education as a founding member of the Network of Australian Teachers of German.

The Modern Language Teachers Association of Victoria (MLTAV) represents the interests of all single languages associations.

They provide a wide range of documents and references in support of learning languages.

Germany Promotes Intercultural Conversations World Wide

The Goethe-Institut is committed to furthering intercultural understanding between languages and cultures through German.

There is a world wide network with 149 institutes and 10 liaison offices in 92 countries reflect  the global reach of German.

Websites are developed to promote intercultural dialogue.

Dedicated websites provide a platform for young people to connect through learning German.

Austrian German around the World

Germans say Kartoffel and Austrians say Erdapfel. The Austrian government's BM:UKK Kultur und Sprache offer seminars for teachers promoting Austrian language and culture in Austria and around the globe. The AGTV is a recipient of an annual scholarship to Austria for a teacher, and welcomes a speaker to our Victorian State Conference.

Government Support of Languages and Cultures in Australia

Successive state and federal governments have made commitments to promoting and celebrating cultural and linguistic diversity in Australia.

Victorian Government Commitments

The Victorian government celebrates diversity and collates data about languages education and languages is a key learning area.

Federal Government Commitments

Proficiency in more than one language has long been and will remain an important goal for all young Australians.

Research Centres at Universities

Advocacy by Universities

Community Commitments

There is ever-increasing interest in languages education in Australia.


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