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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture has existed in this land for around 50,000 years. The uniqueness of these cultures and the wisdom and knowledge embedded in them, are things to be highly valued by all Australians. To this end, these protocols seek a way to protect the integrity of these cultural expressions and a way in which all Australians can engage respectfully and feel connected to this identity.

Protocols and principles for working with Victorinan Koorie communities:


Primary German - Early Years

The AGTV purchased puppets for the Felix und Franzi course with a grant from the Victorian Government.  All elements of the course can be downloaded free from the Goethe-Institut London website: whyteboard materials, song (sung and karoake and text), teacher's handbook) for Band 1 - Making a flying start with German, and  Band 2 - Getting a grip on German.

Goethe-Institut Australia have now distribued puppets to primary schools across Australia. Contact the office in Melbourne if your school has not received them for their German program.

Primary or Junior German


Readers and Stories

SBS Podcast and Blog


Teaching Ideas for Eurovision

A few years ago, Melissa Bond from South Australia shared her ideas for using Eurovision in the classroom. The AGTV has revised and updated these materials for Eurovision 2015 being hosted in Wien after Conchita Wurst's win in 2014. They could be used for any Eurovision event, or for a stand alone activity.

The materials are for A1 level students. If teachers have any further ideas, please forward to share.


Thinking about Assessment


American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages


New Zealand


External Assessment

Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority

Internationally recognised certificates, assessed by the Goethe-Institut in Australia:

Australian Council for Educational Research


AGTV Sharing of Materials

This website is a comprehensive portal to online resources in a digital world, a service provided by the AGTV.

The AGTV occasionally produces curriculum or promotiional materials, and a range of ideas for excursions (see under Curriculum Resources , Promotional Items and Goethe Boutique (excursions are under 'Other Resources').

Materials are routinely shared at AGTV PDs and Conferences.

Some examples of materials shared through the AGTV.  Please acknowledge the source if you use them.

Verrücktes Victoria - recast in 2019 of a golden oldie


Victorian Teachers of German

We are fortunate to have many creative teachers in our ranks who are wiling to share their ideas and experiences.

If you have an open access resource to share, please forward the link and/or consider presenting at a conference.


General Miscellaneous

See all areas of this website for links and resources.

See Teaching: Promoting German for further ideas and resources.

Also look under the Students section for many links to websites for learning German, particularly in:

Excursions and Language Trails

A list of places to go for excursions and language trails can be found under Goethe Boutique: Other Resources


Goethe-Institut Australia

PASCH-Initiative: Schulen - Partner der Zukunft

Projects for the 1500 schools in the PASCH program, a worldwide initiative of the German Foreign Office


Goethe-Institut weltweit

Materials and ideas are developed and supported by the Goethe-Institut throughout the world. Many of the challenges faced in other English-speaking countries are shared by Australian teachers of German. Their materials are therefore useful for our situation. And the very existence of Goethe-Institutes and networks throughout the world provide substantial evidence of German as a language of global importance.

Selected Goethe-Institut Projects and Resources


Austrian Resources





See also under Focus on Culture: Ideas and Innovation



See also under Focus on Culture: The Arts


Deutsche Welle




Grammar einmal anders

See also Students: Tips for Learning and Cool Stuff


Landeskunde - General

See all sub-categories under Focus on Culture and remember to provide D-A-CH-L perspectives in your classroom.




UK Resources

  • UK Languages Online - German one of the four languages serviced
  • UK German Connections - VOYAGE KIDS - 
  • Learning and Teaching Scotland - Modern Languages
  • Lerndeutsch - There is a word of the day with audio pronunciation and sample sentence. If you click on Sportarten there is a great interactive Snakes and Ladders game where students have to choose the correct way to say something in German. This would be excellent with an interactive whiteboard. There is also a link to our own Languages Online and lots of other activities including a reading comprehension with outcomes. The resources cover the UK KS3, GCSE, AS and A2 levels.
  • TES - UK - Shared resources for MFL-German - Register to access
  • AS/A2 Material - UK and Scotland - Comprehensive links for thematic units
  • Teaching English - British Council - useful ideas for all


Juma - Golden Oldies

A magazine that was produced for DaF- learners still relevant today. Articles used with permission.


ICT - Programs Tried in German Classrooms in Victoria

ICT - General


CLIL - Content and Language Integrated Learning


Cross-Curriculum Resources


Ideas for Intercultural Understanding

Researchers for a DFG project at the Heidelberg Collaborative Research Centre "Ritual Dynamics" want to find out what meaning the rituals have in a particular culture: can in fact differing rituals from far-removed cultures even be compared with one another, and should they even be rendered comparable?


About Copyright

Information about copyright for students and teachers.

  • Creative Commons - videos and information about different licences
  • Copyright - video explaining the different types of licences (NZ)

Copyright free photos can be found in a number of sources. Search for ‘free photos’.

NB: For images used on Wikipedia may be copyright free. Please check copyright.

Copyright free music




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