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Students - Cool stuff

Was ist cool? Was ist uncool?

A few years ago, a magazine (JUMA) printed an article about young people in Germany using the English words ‘cool’ and ‘uncool’ to express an opinion or make a comment about someone or something. A non-English speaking German would most likely hear the word ‘kühl’ and be left wondering what temperature had to do with it. Or their teachers might complain that it is not a proper word. Read about what the students think was cool and uncool. Download the article HERE.

As a follow up, JUMA ran a competition to see if students could describe what they thought was cool or uncool without using these terms. They had to use ‘richtiges und gutes Deutsch' to explain themselves. The results were printed in an article which you can download HERE.  [Articles used with permission]

Are there any adjectives in article that appeal to you? Do you agree or disagree with the opinions?

Was findest du cool? Was findest du uncool?

Wir glauben, Deutsch ist cool!

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NB: Over the years Victorian students have been treated to various artists from Germany performing at the German Day Out. These include:

Berlin Wall

See also Focus on Culture: Fascinating Facts for more on East and West Germany

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Young People Connected with German

The Goethe-Institut was established post-WWII to promote global understanding and intercultural exchange. Young people around the world are learning German and enjoy international exchanges, such as these groups initiated by the Goethe-Institut:

German in Africa

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Was ist dein Lieblingschloss?

Europe is the home of castles.

Cool oder uncool?

It's hard to say what you will find cool. Take a peek at Students: Tips for Learning







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