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Focus on Culture

Daily Life

Focus on Culture - Daily Life

Contemporary Lifestyles

The lifestyles of German-speaking people in Europe is dominated or strongly influenced by what is called 'western' culture. However, don't judge a book by its cover. The Vielfalt (diversity) of lifestyles and cultures are found across and within German-speaking countries in Europe, as they are in Australia.

Never-the-less, common aspects of daily life can be identified and relate to the language and culture of the local community; some the same as our life in Australia, some obviously different, while others may seem the same but are quite different.

Portal to D-A-CH-L: Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Use these links to explore the public face of German-speaking communities:

and information on Wikipedia about countries where German is officially recognised:


A contemporary western lifestyle has placed unprecedented pressure on the environment and life the future of the planet.

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Daily Routines

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'German' Lifestyle and Culture

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Integration in Multicultural Europe

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