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Why German

German for Your Future

Why German - German for Your Future

Deutsch für die Zukunft

Increase your life chances now and in the future with German on your CV.

Australians who speak German can take advantage of the many personal, social, work and career opportunities in Australia and around the world.

Schools that offer German provide their students with access to local and global opportunities.

Here you will find out about why learning German is a smart choice for your future.

Learning German is Easy

Greater levels of proficiency can be reached in a shorter time and this will provide the foundation for learning additional languages.


Opportunities for Young People in Germany

Find out about the diversity of ideas, careers and education and more.

German: A significant World Language to Learn

German is the most widely spoken first language in Europe and ranks second as the most learnt language in Europe after English.

In 2010 Germany exported goods worth 951.9 billion euro and imported goods worth 797.6 billion euro. The foreign trade balance achieved a "surplus" of 154.3 billion euro.

Germany is looking for investment opportunities in our region and is being encouraged to do so. Intercultural skills is a core element of establishing global partnerships.

German is being learnt throughout the world for the advantage it gives you to improve your life chances around the globe.

PASCH - Schools: Partners for the Future

The German Foreign Office initiated the PASCH - Schools: Partners for the Future - program around the globe.

“Responsibility, partnership, dialogue – these are the pillars of Germany’s value-based foreign policy. Education is a key resource in our globalized world. This is why the Federal Foreign Office and its partner organizations have established sustainable education partnerships with a global network of 1500 partner schools. We want to inspire young people at these schools to learn the German language and open doors to German culture, science and business. The sooner we realize we are an international learning community, the more successful we will be in utilizing future opportunities. We want to remain open to the diversity of different cultures and demonstrate tolerance for other ways of life. In order to achieve this, we more than ever need places where young people can meet and get to know one another, where they can be creative together and learn alongside one another. Our partner schools abroad serve as such places. I invite you to get to know these schools."  Source

  • PASCH - An initiative of the German Foreign Office


Impress Future Employers with Skills in German on your CV

Enhance your job application to one of the 135 German companies in Victoria alone.

Impress any future employer by listing skills in more than one language on your job application.


Study and Work in German-speaking Europe


German is a Language of Opportunity in Australia

Germany is Australia's fifth largest source of foreign direct investment and Australia's fourth largest investment destination.

There are more than 300 companies in Australia with 135 branches in Victoria alone.

In 2010, the Federal Republic of Germany invested 7 million dollars in education in Australia through the provision of educational services to teachers, students and academics.

German-speaking Europeans take up opportunities to study, travel, work and invest in Australia.

160,000 German tourists travel to Australia each year.

Around 17,000 German students spend their GAP year in Australia, many gaining international work experience in their chosen field as part of their studies e.g. in national parks or education.

German is a widely used and taught across Victoria and Australia.

Why Learn German at School

The opportunities for learners and speakers of German in Victoria and beyond are significant and real.

Save time and money by making the most of the opportunity while at school, it's all part of the service.

Keep your options open to take up the opportunities for German such as applying for an exchange or the SAGSE scholarship, or bonus to your ATAR score for entry to tertiary study.

Your skills develop over time and the rewards are great if you continue to Year 12.

German is Scaled Up for the ATAR

Boost your Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) with including German in your VCE pathway in Victoria.

Your raw score in German will be worth more when scaled up for the ATAR.

The scaling report is available to the public on the VTAC website.


Opportunities for German at University in DE - AT and CH


RMIT Industry Experience and Research Programs with DACH Companies


German at University


Study Overseas at Partner Institutions in German-Speaking Countries

Every Australian university has links with universities in the German-speaking countries in Europe across disciplines.

International experience is highly regarded by employers and companies. Explore the opportunities available.


When studying in DACH there is a service to assist you in this process


German and Careers

German is a valuable skill to list on your CV.

German companies in Australia such as Siemens and Hugo Boss want their employees to learn German and provide opportunities to learn German for their work.


Scholarships, Awards and Opportunities for German and Careers


Travel and Work with German

Many Australians go to Europe on holiday and speaking the language makes it a richer experience. Many young Australians live in German-speaking countries.

There are many ways to get to German-speaking Europe for young people to gain valuable international experience.

If you are planning some time off after you complete Year 12, why not consider Germany as a destination to increase your global networks. Around 17,000 German students spend their GAP year in Australia.

Work as an au pair (nanny) in German-speaking Europe

With the suspension of national and civil service for young people, there are opportunities for students from overseas to complete a year of social service in Germany.

Volunteering and experience in Austria

 - with the offer of accommodation, pocket money and trainingIf Germany is your destination, then this site will provide advice on living and working in Germany.

Recognition of Qualifications in Germany

Permission to Work in the EU


Learn German for Love

There are many speakers of German living in Australia and around the world.

Impress a potential life partner or their family in Australia or abroad.

  • When only German will do: Video Clip on YouTube

You Never Know When You Might Need German

  • You might need it one day: Video Clip on YouTube


The German government promote German language and culture through the Goethe-Institut, founded in 1951. There are 149 institutes and 10 liaison offices in 92 countries developing global connections with German. The first Goethe-Institut was opened in Australia in Melbourne in 1972.

Those who learn German are building intercultural networks and opportunities.


Further Reasons Why You Need to Learn German

You can start learning German at any time.


Thinking about the Future?



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