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Employment & Training

Teaching - Employment & Training

Jobs for Teachers of German in Victoria

Qualified language teachers can find work in Victoria. The time of advertising employment opportunities is spread throughout the year and application processes vary for different systems.

German is taught throughout metropolitan and country Victoria.


Here you can find links and information about pathways to teaching in Victorian schools in all systems.



Finding a Teacher of German

The AGTV is happy to use our electronic networks to advertise a position for a teacher of German in Victoria and beyond.



For currently employed teachers in government schools:



DET are supporting teachers to complete Goethe-Institut A2/BI Course and Exam for teachers in government schools


Pathways to Becoming a Teacher of German

Your language skill in German need to be accredited through either formal tertiary study in the language or have your skills formally assessed.

For comprehensive information about qualifications for language teaching and language training and re-training programs, please refer to the Languages section of the Department of Education and Training (DET).

The DAAD offers scholarship for tertiary students to study in Germany as part of your undergraduate degree. The Goethe-Institut offers language scholarships for training teachers as well as qualified teachers, language courses in Melbourne, and an annual Summer School in Australia. Endeavour Language Scholarships are also offered by the Federal Government for practising teachers.

Look under Why German: Where to learn German for further information.

If you are wondering about why to learn German, see Why German: German for Your Future


Teacher Registration in Victoria

If you want to teach in Victorian schools in Victoria, you need to be registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT).

In addition to proving that you have the appropriate qualifications to be registered as a teacher, you need to meet the professional standards for graduating teachers, and satisfy a police check, as do all employees working with children.

To maintain registration, you need to pay an annual fee and demonstrate evidence of completing professional development. Individual membership of the AGTV can be used as evidence of professional engagement.


International Qualifications


Teacher Assistants in Germany and Australia


Finding a Job as a Teacher of German in Victoria

Employment for qualified teachers of languages is available in Government, Independent, Catholic, and Community schools, as well as for commercial Adult Education courses.

Schools advertise in print media in Victoria, most likely in the 'Careers and employment' sections of The Age and the Heraldsun on a Saturday.

Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET)

Jobs are advertised online and applications are usually required to be submitted online. If successful, you will be appointed to a school, but employed by the DET.

  • Comprehensive information about teaching in government schools (incl. career change, international teachers): Teaching Careers
  • Jobs in Victorian government schools and the VSL: Recruitment online
  • Government schools: Salary rates

Independent Schools

Independent schools employ staff directly, applications are therefore made directly to each school. Teachers are covered by a salary award, but rates may vary from school to school.

Lutheran Schools

Catholic Education

Limited opportunities for teachers of German are available in Catholic Schools

Community Schools

There are some opportunities to teach German in Community Language Schools.


Tutors for students of German

If you intend on working with students under the age of 18, you will need a 'Working with Children' check if you cannot demonstrate current registration as a teacher.

Families occasionally ask the AGTV about tutors for students learning German, for which we can provide limited support, as we are not in a position to verify the experience or qualifications of tutors.






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